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Aims & Scope

Scientific Technology Changes the World, Innovation Leads the Future! The Innovation Academy advocate for academic exchanges grounded in innovative concepts, promote interdisciplinary research, and encourage both theoretical and applied innovations within the science-technology-application continuum.

It orchestrates a wide range of scientific and applied innovation activities, fostering a collaborative environment grounded in mutual trust, support, and multifaceted cooperation. The Innovation Academy is expected to establish an organizational framework that nurtures free exploration and supports the collaborative innovation of diverse services, promoting sustainable development for the greater good of humanity.



Serving Global Scientists, Benefiting All of Humanity!
· Bridge the gap to advance scientific knowledge: Facilitate the connection between theoretical research and practical applications to drive forward scientific understanding.
· Organize conferences to facilitate exchange: Host conferences and symposia to promote the exchange of ideas, research findings, and collaboration among scientists.
· Solve problems through application and transformation: Address real-world challenges by applying scientific discoveries and transforming them into practical solutions.
· Provide technical support for interdisciplinary integration: Offer technical expertise and resources to support the integration of knowledge across various disciplines, fostering innovative interdisciplinary research.
· Publish results to benefit society: Disseminate research findings through publications to ensure they are accessible and beneficial to the wider community.


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